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It's time to forgive and repair. Let go of the stress and overwhelm, and instead check in with your needs. You deserve a body that feels great to live in! I blend my background in physical therapy, yoga, and nutrition to look at the body holistically. Each body is different, everyone's goals are unique; my purpose is to make you feel strong, healthy and whole. 

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ReFrame Collective- Core Yoga

This collective provides you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of over 100+ yoga classes, plus access to 4 weekly live classes. From short and efficient to hour-long therapeutic sessions, these classes will teach you how to move your body, gain mobility and calm your center - no matter how much time you have. All levels are welcome here, and variations are provided to suit your body's individual needs. Join the collective to learn exactly how your body wants to move. 

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Pelvic Floor Playbook

Ready to trust and love your body? You don't have to just deal with aches, pains, or leaks. Just because you are getting older, your friends have similar complaints, or you've had kids does not mean you have to keep struggling with peeing your pants when you sneeze or run, deal with achy hips, or a painful low back!

ReFrame Single Class 

4 weekly live classes to choose from will help guide you to rewiring and reframing the way you move. Choose core and glute strengthening classes or even therapeutic mobility flows designed for all levels.

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Too busy to commit to a membership? Select from either a single class pass or a package of 11 yoga classes.