Stop leaks. Ditch pains. Build a strong Pelvic Floor

Stop leaks. Ditch pains. Build a strong Pelvic Floor

Just because you are getting older, your friends have similar complaints, or you've had kids does not mean you have to keep struggling with peeing your pants when you sneeze or run, deal with achy hips, or a painful low back!

fix your pelvic floor & core

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Ditch back, hip, or foot pain for good

Ease pelvic pressure, heaviness, or pain 

Laugh, sneeze, run, or jump worry free

Instant relief from constipation & bloating 

Go longer between bathroom breaks 

Get rid of fear & find HOPE

Gain Confidence with your Pelvic Floor & Body 

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Healing can be easier than you think. Our pelvic floor is the foundation to our bodies helping us move pain free. For one reason or another, the pelvic floor can stop performing as it should leading to aches, pains, or leaks. This could mean the pelvic floor is weak, too tight, or not activating properly. 

By making specific adjustments to our breath, posture, and how we move leads to building a strong properly functioning pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor is so much more than kegels, which in some cases can make things worse. In these classes, you will learn simple, but effective ways to build strength, gain mobility, ditch pains, and feel fit, STRONG, & fabulous.

Welcome to ReWire- Pelvic Floor Playbook

Ready for a change?

Ready to restore your pelvic floor & ignite your core! Learn specific changes that will have a massive impact on how you are moving. And I promise it's not more kegels! 

healing & hope

ReWire Your Pelvic Floor Playbook

How It Works

Learn the specific changes needed in the introductory videos. See what mistakes you've been making & how to correct them.

First This

Incorporate these specific changes in the follow along workout videos 15-30 minutes each. Learn to activate the right muscles!

Then this

Gain mobility, build strength, ignite your core, restore your pelvic floor, & FEEL BETTER!

then this

The two most foundational keys to building a lasting strong pelvic floor. Learn how to make these important changes throughout your day to make massive impact. 

Ignite your core & restore your pelvic floor. Learn relaxation exercises needed first to then build a strong core. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Breathing & Posture 

Core & Pelvic Floor

Module 1

module 2 & 3

Ease tension and stress while learning the relationship stress has on your pelvic floor. Tips and moves for instant constipation relief. Stop tossing and turning at night. 

Constipation, Stress, & Sleep

module 6 & 7

Learn the direct connection your hips and feet have on your core and pelvic floor. Get rid of tight hips and lift your booty. Implement various techniques to ease that annoying foot pain and contribute to building a strong core. 

Healthy Hips & Feet

Module 4 & 5

Take a look inside

Release Fear Around Movement & Find Joy in Exercise...

Are you ready to LOVE & TRUST your body again? Wanting a strong core? If yes then you are in the right place! ReWire's workouts will strengthen, stabilize, mobilize, lengthen, and tone your entire body with a specific focus on your core & pelvic floor! 

How do I know it works? I've spent years researching, training, working with clients, and helping them LOVE & TRUST their bodies, as well as my own. The methods I've developed helped me get back to running without that nagging hip pain I was "just dealing" with. 

transform those concerns of fear into hope, confidence, & relief. feel fit, strong, & Fabulous!

I'm Melissa, your New Movement Expert.

I help individuals learn how to move better, listen to their bodies, rewire their systems, and feel strong and confident in their bodies!

I'm totally obsessed with anatomy, biomechanics, ergonomics, and all things wellness. Basically, I love problem solving to get you moving your best!

I'm also obsessed with chai lattes & chips,  yoga pants lover, and totally wild about anatomy. 

hey there!

"This program transformed my life!"

"I went from fearing every movement to loving my daily yoga routine! I went from not being able to lay on my stomach to doing back bends, being able to carry my son, I feel so much stronger, & with an added bonus of a lifted booty!"


Feel so dang strong

Yes, It Really Works

"I cannot believe it & I'm officially hooked."

I've been doing the recommended moves & making the adjustments needed. My back is feeling much better and no more annoying bladder issues!


My Bladder issues Resolved

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Melissa"

I was struggling with a lot low back pain during my pregnancy. I was nervous to try yoga, but so glad I started and I quickly became addicted to her classes. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable in her classes and shortly after starting my back pain went away & I was feeling stronger both physically and mentally.



Be able to perform proper breathing techniques & posture to get rid of aches, pains, or leaks

Ignite your pelvic floor, restore your core, & get back to activities you LOVE 

Learn exactly what works best for your body...modifications & variations for all

Feel stronger by activating the right muscles...say goodbye lower belly pooch 

Feel confident and worry free with your pelvic floor

Feel more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

With ReWire You Will...

Join the tribe

This      for you if:

you want confidence in your pelvic floor & body, total body changes

You're not ready to make the changes

you're Ready to ditch aches and pains for good

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK. You're only going to benefit if you invest in yourself.

you're ready to be worry free when you laugh, sneeze, run, or jump

It's probably       for you if...



It's probably
for you if...

I am new to fitness or have tried exercises in past with pain. Is this for me?

100% yes! Modifications for all levels. Learn how your body wants to make to avoid pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried doctors, physical therapist, and exercises in past with no change. Will this help me?

Many of the clients I work with have seen all types of providers with some to no change. However, they never address these specific changes with breathing and posture to make long lasting impact.

Will I need equipment for the classes?

Not needed, but recommended for maximum benefit. Tennis or lacrosse ball, yoga block, and strap. 

How long will it take?

This course is designed to go at your own pace. The two keys to get down is the breathing and posture so you are able to activate the proper muscles. This can take practice to have it become a habit, but you got it! 

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course and any future updates and additions!