The Pelvic Floor Playbook

The only step-by-step program that helps you relieve your pain and stop embarrassing leaks WITHOUT kegels and crunches

To the woman whose life is being turned upside down by aches, pains, and embarrassing leaks…

It’s time to regain control of your body and get back to the life you love with:

“I was having severe back pain and it’s pretty much gone now”

Remember the days when you could laugh out loud without wincing in pain or worse ― leaking?

When you could jump on a trampoline, ride a rollercoaster, and give your kid a piggyback without sprinting for the bathroom or reaching for a heat pack. 

You’d give anything for those days. 

Because life right now looks like:  

😬 Not trusting a sneeze in case it turns into a leak. 

😬 Buying panty liners in bulk from Costco so you can avoid the dreaded “wet patch”.

😬 Needing to know where the bathroom is at all times so you can avoid accidents. 

😬 Feeling a metric-ton of pressure in your pelvis whenever you lift anything at all.

😬 Popping antibiotics like they’re gummy bears to cure your fifth UTI.

😬 Struggling to sit, stand, or do anything without your hip or lower back pain flaring up.

Because despite ―

If you’re honest, you can’t remember the last time your muscles weren’t tight and your bladder wasn’t controlling your day

And it doesn’t seem like it’ll end any time soon. 

😩 Been bounced around the healthcare system without getting any real results or relief…

😩 Buying all sorts of “miracle” medications, internal pelvic stimulation devices, weighted balls, vibrating kegel chairs or pants…

😩 Seeing a parade of general practitioners, physios, gynecologists, chiropractors, physical therapists ― anyone with a Dr. in front of their name… 

Nothing’s changed! 

But those just didn’t work. 

All you hear is an endless circle of:

“Do kegels or crunches”

But you don’t want to resort to surgery. Or maybe you did have surgery and it didn’t help. (In fact, you’re pretty sure it made things worse.)

“Surgery is the answer”

But you’ve *already* cut out running, exercising, horse-riding, playing with your kids & grandkids. And no matter how much you try to advocate for yourself ― 

“Take it slow and stop doing the activities that are causing you pain and making you leak.” 

It feels like no one’s listening. 

Not the last 3 doctors you visited. Or the specialists you maxed out your insurance to see. 

It’s no wonder you’re thinking…

💭 “Maybe it’s just me.”

💭 “It must just be normal to pee my pants (20 years after I gave birth).”

 💭“Aches & pains are just part of getting older.”

💭 “It’s too late to fix my pain.”

💭 “I guess this is just my life now…”

In case no one’s told you this: 

Hold it right there, love 

You’re not crazy. You’re not hysterical. And your pain IS real. 

The reality is: 70-80% of the population will experience some type of neck or back pain in their lives. 

And one quarter of women suffer from leaking ― even if they haven’t experienced childbirth. 

So you’re not alone. 

(And what if I told you you can do that from the comfort of your own home?)

Wondering how I can make such bold claims?

But here’s the truth: you DON’T have to just deal with it and it IS possible to live a pain-free, leak-free life. 

But what if you found the root cause of your pain or leaking, so you can have a permanent fix instead of a temporary one?

The reason nothing has worked so far isn’t your fault. 

It’s likely because all your ‘solutions’ have focused on easing your symptoms.

Hi, I’m Dr Melissa Oleson

(I’m also totally obsessed with chai lattes, hot chips, and colorful yoga pants!)

I believe women like you who are living with pains and leaks shouldn’t have to ‘just deal’ or kegel your way through life. And you definitely shouldn’t have to stop doing the things you love.

More importantly?

A doctor of physical therapy, an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, and a registered yoga teacher.

I believe everything in your body is connected. 

If one part isn’t working optimally, then like a domino effect, it triggers other parts of the body too. 

When we step back and look at your entire body as a whole, you’ll find all pain traces back to… 👇🏼

“But Melissa, I’ve already done fifty million crunches!” I hear you.

But ― 

Your core & pelvic floor 

Your core is so much more than your abs. 

Most healthcare providers focus on curing your symptoms ― not identifying the cause. 

You tell them hip pain, they’ll give you 10 generic exercises involving the hips. 

(Or worse, tell you to do even more kegels). 

That’s why kegels don’t work!

And it’s why past solutions haven’t worked either!

Every time you perform kegels, you’re tensing your pelvic floor muscles. 

And sometimes, that causes you to overly tense them when your pelvic floor actually needs to be lengthened and relaxed. 

So if you’re already feeling tightness, pressure, or tension, kegels will be painful and unhelpful.

It includes your pelvic floor, diaphragm, back muscles, and glutes. 

ALL of these muscles have to work together as a system to function properly and maintain the intra-abdominal pressure in your abdomen. 

And when something disrupts the system and creates more pressure ― It leads to achy back pain, prolapse, leaks, digestive issues, and more. 

But if you want to stop the embarrassing leaks and pains for good, you need to learn how to use your entire core system to manage the intra-abdominal pressure.

By learning how to:

🧘 Breathe for your pelvic floor. 

🧘 Align your posture. 

🧘 And perform specific exercises to get your core and pelvic system working

That’s where I come in. 

Instead of zooming in on one area of the body (and neglecting the rest), I take a full-body, holistic approach

This approach has helped 100s of women overcome pain & leaks so they can take back control of their bodies. 

I help you identify all the issues that might be causing your pain and leaking ― from your diet, stress levels, bathroom habits, and even sleep habits.

Then using my background as a physical therapist and yoga instructor ― 

I teach you how to respond to it with gentle exercises that will open up your core and pelvic floor.

And now? You can be one of them. 

The Pelvic Floor Playbook

Say hello to:

The self-paced program that teaches you the skills, strategies and exercises that strengthen your core and restore your pelvic health…

…so you can relieve your pain, stop your embarrassing leaks, and get back to the activities and life you LOVE

“Using Dr Melissa’s method, I’ve recovered completely. I couldn’t be happier because I’m pain-free now, and back to lifting, bending, twisting, and I can even carry my son

"I'd been in pain for years due to a sports-related injury, which prevented me from performing basic tasks such as lifting shopping bags, carrying a purse, or even walking.

As I’ve always been active, I found this condition to be highly frustrating. 

Even though I had seen many physical therapists, I had not improved. In fact, my condition only got worse. Using Dr Melissa’s method, I’ve recovered completely."

― Sophie

If you’ve ever wished your achy pains & embarrassing leaks would go away for good, The Pelvic Floor Playbook is for you!

This is NOT a program where I prescribe more kegels and crunches (because we both know they don’t work for you).

Or force you to do hours and hours of exercise (because I know you don’t have time for that). 

Instead, we’ll take a root-cause approach. 

I’ll teach you how to listen to your body and locate the pain or pressure so you can figure out which muscles are firing up…

Then, we work out WHY you’re experiencing aches and pains so we can treat the cause ― not the symptom.  

From there, I’ll prescribe new habits and intentional exercises for pain relief so you can have a permanent fix to your aches, pains, and leaks! 

All on your own schedule AND from the comfort of your own home. 

Thank you Melissa for what you do! I never thought I would be able to go back to living and moving like I did in my 20s and 30s. I turn 50 at the end of the month and I'm so happy to have found your programs. I have hope again and I can move without pain!

When Melissa’s IG account showed up on my feed, I tried some of the exercises and I found pain relief that I hadn't experienced before.

I wanted to learn more and heal my body naturally so I joined the Pelvic Floor Playbook. 

Since then, I'm relearning how to breathe properly. I find that I have far less neck tension with breathing out instead of up. I find that my pelvic floor muscles aren't as tight and urinating is easier.

I love how Melissa incorporates healing movement that isn't jarring to the body. I need the smooth movement of yoga plus the specific pelvic floor exercises that soothe the muscles and don’t aggravate them.

At first I was hesitant to get the Pelvic Floor Playbook because of the cost, but then I remembered how much I paid for each PT visit. I knew this was going to cost me far less and would actually help, unlike the PT.

This is a great program to do from home, and it teaches you to move at your own pace and correct what you personally need to to improve your quality of life."

― 49 y/o women struggling with tight pelvic floor and difficulty urinating 

Did you know the way you breathe AND your posture directly affects your core system? 

By learning to breathe for your pelvic floor and align your posture, you can better manage your intra-abdominal pressure and your pain. 

In this module, you’ll learn:

Module 1: Breathing & Posture

  • What the core is and how your core system works. (It's not just about doing more crunches and kegels)
  • How you’re breathing, and the tools to help optimize your core and pelvic floor with breathing techniques
  • How to breathe properly, and the 3 exercises that help expand your rib cage (because you’re breathing wrong)
  • How to fix your posture and the connection to your pelvic floor
  • The key to getting rid of pain while sitting, so you can allow for proper core activation and decrease stress on your body

In this module, we’ll cover how your core system works, what contributes to your core not working properly, and how to build a strong core. 

You’ll learn –

Module 2: Abs & Core

  • The 3 cues to help activate your deep lower abs
  • The great beginner core routine to help you feel that connection in your core
  • How to manage intra-abdominal pressure and use your core during different activities
  • How to do a full body workout focusing on your core and glutes. (You’ll also tap into the difference between your left side and right side)
  • How to get rid of that lower belly pooch and recognize the mistakes you might be making that contribute to it! 
  • How to tap into the power of your core and pelvic floor

In this module, we’ll explore how to recognize if your pelvic floor muscles are too weak, too tight, or just not activating properly. 

Then we’ll go over how to both lengthen and contract your pelvic floor with specific exercises and activities. 

You’ll learn –

Module 3: Pelvic Floor

  • How to lengthen and relax your pelvic floor (Once you master the lengthening, the strength usually follows)
  • How to stop those embarrassing leaks by managing the pressure when you’re coughing and sneezing
  • Self-massage techniques you can use to help soften and lengthen your tight pelvic floor muscles
  • How to incorporate various movements and use your breath to do squats, side planks, and single leg balance with rotation 
  • How to use breathing to soften, lengthen, and relax your pelvic floor muscles

In this module, you’ll be working on hip range of motion, mobility, stability, and myofascial release techniques. 

And if you feel a difference between your right and left side, we’ll work on balancing those two sides out.

You’ll learn –

Module 4: Tight Hips & Booty Lift

  • Tight hip fixes – because if your hips are tight, they’ll be pulling on your pelvic floor and making that tight too
  • The exact techniques to activate your glutes and lift your booty! 
  • How to stop tucking in your butt and creating pressure in your core
  • Standing glute exercises that you can sneak in throughout your day
  • Myofascial release for your pelvis and hips
  • How to lift and tone your glutes while strengthening your pelvic floor

Did you know your feet are actually connected to your pelvic floor? By working on your foot strength and mobility, you can restore your pelvic floor and ease your pain. 

You’ll learn –

Module 5: Healthy Feet

  • How your foot and pelvic floor are connected
  • The feet exercises that help relax and contract your pelvic floor 
  • The myofascial release techniques and foot strengthening exercises to help kick foot pain to the curb
  • Plantar fasciitis and foot exercises that you can implement into your daily routine to help relieve the pain

If you’re having trouble getting things moving, this affects your pelvic floor function because it adds extra pressure (which leads to pain, leaking, heartburn and acid reflux too). 

In this module, we’ll work on easing the pressure in your core system so you can get some relief.

You’ll learn –

Module 6: Constipation & Gastrointestinal (GI) Issues

  • Some helpful bathroom tips for when you have trouble with constipation, urgency or emptying your bladder
  • Better bathroom habits that will help with constantly feeling like you have to pee (and/or constipation)
  • Yoga for improved digestion so you can stop feeling bloated or constipated
  • Yoga for constipation relief, and the power of breath and gentle movement

Stress plays a major role in how your body is feeling and functioning. Increased stress contributes to added stress and tension on your pelvic floor. 

In this module, we’ll tap into breathing strategies, pelvic floor relaxation exercises, and self-care tips that reduce your stress and improve your quality of sleep. 

You’ll learn –

Module 7: Sleep & Stress

  • How to get better sleep with simple tips you can start implementing right away!
  • How stress affects your body (and your pelvic floor)
  • How to calm your nervous system in just 60 seconds
  • My quick bedtime yoga routine that you can do every night before sleeping
  • How to breathe stress and tension away

What you eat and drink has a direct impact on your pelvic floor health. This module is all about how to fix your diet so it doesn’t cause pain or leaking.

You should know: I'm not about restricting or depriving yourself of certain foods. 

I encourage you to listen to your body and how it’s responding. No foods are good or bad. This is about what works best for you!

You’ll learn –

Module 8: Food for Your Pelvic Floor

  • How your diet impacts your pelvic floor 
  • Which foods are healthy pelvic floor foods
  • Which foods trigger symptoms for your body and pelvic floor muscles (so you don’t have to live with these symptoms anymore!)

Here’s how we’ll bring an end to your aches, pains, and embarrassing leaks 👇

You'll also get these bonus modules

A collection of workouts that guide you through functional movements so your pelvic floor and core feel stronger and more flexible.

These workouts include –

Pelvic Floor & Core Yoga Workouts

  • Yoga for Pelvic Floor & Core (Prolapse Friendly Moves)
  • Yoga for Back Mobility
  • Pelvic Floor & Core Workout
  • Exercises to Relax Hypertonic Pelvic Floor

A fun, relaxed self-paced 10-day exercise program designed to get rid of those aches, pains, and leaks!

Here's what you get inside –

10-day ReWire Your Pelvic Floor & Core Program

  • Yoga for Pelvic Floor & Core (Prolapse Friendly Moves)
  • Yoga for Back Mobility
  • Pelvic Floor & Core Workout
  • Exercises to Relax Hypertonic Pelvic Floor

When you join The Pelvic Floor Playbook, you’ll… 


Get 8 modules of guided video lessons and exercises

proven to ease your pain, stop your leaking, strengthen your core, and restore your pelvic health. (No kegels or crunches involved!)


Develop a deeper understanding of your core and pelvic floor health

so you can figure out what’s going on inside your body, why, and what you can do to bring permanent relief.


Take a full-body approach to overcoming your pains and leaks

Everything is connected and we can’t ignore the rest of your body any longer.


Learn how to listen to your body

and respond to its signals.


Get access to my private member-only community

where you get extra support from me and can ask me all your body and pelvic health-related questions. (You’ll never be alone!)


Get lifetime access to The Pelvic Floor Playbook and community

as well as free access to all updated content (forever!).

Best of all?
You’ll get your life back. 

😍 Last an entire Pilates or gym session without an ounce of fear you’ll leak

😍 Wear WHITE pants with no liner! 

😍 Go back to lifting weights without keeling over from your lower back pain

😍 Piggyback your grandkids and then jump on the trampoline with them afterwards

😍 Go on long road trips without back pain or stopping every 20 mins for the bathroom

😍 Stop worrying about UTIs

A life where you can:

And ultimately? 

One-Time Payment of 
$397 USD

Ready to relieve your pain, stop embarrassing leaks, and take back control of your life? 


3 Payments of $155 USD


✅ You’ve tried every exercise and medical prescription under the sun 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have exhausted every other option out there, and are now living a pain-free and leak-free life thanks to The Pelvic Floor Playbook. 

By using my unique blend of physical therapy and yoga, we’ll uncover the WHY behind your aches & pains, and address the root causes that most healthcare providers often neglect. 

✅ It’s been years since you’ve had kids and you think your body is too far gone. 

It is never too late to heal your body and get rid of pains & leaks even if it’s been 5, 10, or 20 years since you’ve given birth!

By teaching you how to breathe, optimize your core system, and open up your pelvic floor, I’ve been able to help dozens of mums and grandmothers see a dramatic difference in their pain levels. 

✅ You haven’t had kids yet or at all.

Pelvic dysfunction, muscle tightness, and leaks can affect all women ― even if they haven’t had children. So you are more than welcome here. 

The Pelvic Floor Playbook will not only help you relieve pain and leaks for good, but it’ll also empower you to take care of your pelvic floor health and set you up with healthy habits so you can prevent more pains and leaks in the future. 

✅ You haven’t officially been diagnosed with anything.

Are you experiencing pain anywhere in your body? Struggling with leaks and bladder control? Feel like your body is bossing you around and impacting your quality of life? Then that’s all the diagnosis you need. 

You don’t need a doctor to validate your discomfort (or let’s be honest ― dismiss your concerns). What you do need is someone who will guide you through the habits and exercises that’ll give you sweet relief. 

The Pelvic Floor Playbook can help you EVEN IF:

Wondering if this is too good to be true?

Let’s talk, woman to woman, for a minute. 

Chances are, you’ve got your eyebrows raised and you’re wondering if this’ll work or if it’s another disappointing gimmick. 

You are done with getting your hopes up just to be let down. 

And I get it. 

You’ve already been forced to spend money on therapists and “revolutionary” devices that didn’t help. 

You’ve wasted so much time and money trying to “fix” your body. 

And you’re wondering how the Pelvic Floor Playbook will help you when even a parade of healthcare providers wouldn’t. 


Other healthcare providers and prescriptions 

Focus on fixing the symptoms ― not identifying the cause. 

Prescribe treatments that feel like a stab in the dark.

Overlook the importance of breathing and posture. 

Think kegels are the solution to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Prescribe generic exercises that aggravate your muscles (and cause more pain).

Give you a sheet of illustrated exercises that don’t help you.

Require you to spend hours exercising. 

Require you to travel to their office every week or month. 

The Pelvic Floor Playbook

Adopts a root-cause, whole-body approach so you get a permanent fix ― not a temporary one. 

Teach you how to listen to your body and locate the pain or pressure so you know exactly where to focus your efforts. 

Shows you how to breathe for your pelvic floor and align your posture because it plays a massive role in optimizing your core (and your pain levels!)

Knows the pelvic floor can be impacted by breathing, posture, stress, diet, and sleep.  (And will never ask you to do a single kegel, ever).

Blends physical therapy with yoga so you can heal through gentle movement that soothes your muscles.

Guides you through specific exercises using short, snappy step-by-step videos.

Only requires you to spend 10-15 mins a day doing exercises to see positive results.

You can do the guided video exercises from the comfort of your own home. 

Here’s How The Pelvic Floor Playbook is Different

The Pelvic Floor Playbook is different and more effective than anything else out there because it gets to the root of WHY you’re experiencing pain or leaks. 

In short? 

As a result ― many of the women who have worked with me have gone from living with severe pain and leaks to regaining control of their body and life! 

But don’t just take my word for it… 👇🏼

Here’s How Other Women Are Living Their Best Lives AFTER Using The Pelvic Floor Playbook

“I never thought I would be able to go back to living and moving like I did in my 20s and 30s”

“I am more relaxed, more comfortable, but most of all I feel like I have gained control.”

“I have gone to two pelvic floor therapists and found your playbook much more helpful.”

“My pelvic pain pressure and frequent urination have all gotten so much better”

“I have a stronger pelvic and my hips are relieved.”

“I have had no UTI pressure symptoms since we started”

Want to know the best difference between The Pelvic Floor Playbook and other healthcare providers you’ve seen?

Most healthcare providers will charge you exorbitant amounts or ask for recurring payments just to prescribe more band aid solutions. 

In fact, you’ve probably paid for more PT sessions and doctor visits than you can count, and none of it helped. 

But now? 

You can get lifetime access to The Pelvic Floor Playbook and start working towards a pain-free, leak-free life in your own home for a fraction of the price and for only ONE payment.

For many women, this was the last health-related investment they had to make because it works. 

So what do you say?

Ready to regain control of your life and get back to the activities you love?

One-Time Payment of 
$397 USD


3 Payments of $155 USD


“Grateful I took the risk, it was well worth the money for me.”

One final note to you…

The woman who holds herself back from life because she’s scared of embarrassing leaks.

Who’s tired of bouncing around from one specialist to the next, being poked and prodded with needles.  

Who’s been failed by a healthcare system that doesn’t know enough about pelvic floor health. 

This doesn’t have to be your life. 

You deserve to wake up without an ache in your muscles, a tightness in your pelvis or a bladder that dictates your every move. 

You deserve to feel at home in your body. 

That’s why I created The Pelvic Floor Playbook.

I knew there was a better approach.

One that doesn't involve kegels, crunches, or surgery ― but actually gets you to listen to your body and heal it with gentle movements. 

And I wanted to make it the most accessible and affordable resource I could. 

Because you and I? We only get one body and one life.

And I know you’d rather spend it laughing, jumping, and embracing all the activities that bring you JOY…instead of letting your pain and bladder hold you back. 

The Pelvic Floor Playbook will help you get there. 

But only once you take the first step and join. 

You with me?

Xo,  Dr Melissa 

You have literally changed my life!

Ready to regain control of your life and get back to the activities you love?

One-Time Payment of 
$397 USD


3 Payments of $155 USD


Here are some questions other women asked before signing up for The Pelvic Floor Playbook

“I've tried doctors, physical therapists, and exercises in the past with no change. How do I know The Pelvic Floor Playbook will help me?”

Nearly all my clients have sought help from a variety of healthcare providers. Some of them have even had surgery, but none of those options have eased their pain or leaking.

And that’s because most healthcare providers either don’t make an effort to find out what’s really going on in your body. Or they prescribe one-size-fits-all solutions, like kegels, because they don’t fully understand pelvic floor health.

Inside The Pelvic Floor Playbook, you’ll be introduced to a new holistic approach that shows you how to:
  • Listen to your body’s signals to identify where the pain or pressure is located
  • Understand all the factors that impact your pelvic floor (and therefore trigger your pain)
  • Identify the root cause of your pain 
  • Perform gentle exercises and movements to heal it 

So many of my clients say this approach has changed their lives. So I know The Pelvic Floor Playbook will make a world of difference for you, too 👇

“I have gone to two pelvic floor therapists and found your playbook much more helpful.”

“I’m new to fitness or I’ve tried exercises in the past and experienced pain. Is The Pelvic Floor Playbook right for me?”

Absolutely! All the guided exercises inside The Pelvic Floor Playbook allow for modifications based on your pain levels.

I’ll also teach you how to listen to your body so you know where your pain is coming from, and how to avoid causing it to flare up. 

“How long until I start seeing results and experience less pain or leaking?”

Everyone is different, but many of the women who join The Pelvic Floor Playbook feel significantly less pain and see an improvement in leaking within just a few weeks.

(You can too, as long as you follow the guided exercises and instructions) 

“How much time do I need to dedicate to The Pelvic Floor Playbook?”

You only need to spend up to 10-15 minutes a day doing these exercises to see positive results!

I recommend you implement the guided exercises into your daily routine, because the more consistent you are, the faster you will see results. 

“How long do I have access to the content?”

You’ll get the chance to ask me all your questions inside the private-member community. That way, we can tailor what you’re learning to your body and your particular needs.

If you’d prefer more 1:1 support,Core Queens group program or my 1:1 consultations might be a better fit for you.

"Will I need equipment for the exercises?”

You don’t need any equipment. But where I do use a piece of equipment (e.g. a yoga block), I’ll always give you alternatives that you can find around your house – like a rolled up towel, socks, or a pillow.

“Do I need to start this program right away?”

Nope! That's what’s so great about The Pelvic Floor Playbook

It’s self-paced. You can start it whenever you’re ready to, and once you’re finished you can dive back in as many times as you need. (You have lifetime access to the content!)

In saying that, the sooner you start the program, the sooner you’ll start feeling better.

“Is this program live?”

No, all content is pre-recorded so you can do it at your own pace!

(The private-member community is always open and available to you so you can ask for help and feedback whenever you want.)

“Do you guarantee results or offer refunds?”

I can’t guarantee results and no teacher or therapist should.

However, many of my past clients and students who have adopted my approach have been able to:
  • Go back to the gym and their favorite Pilates class 
  • Ditch going to endless urologists, PTs and doctors 
  • Move in a way they never thought was possible in their late 40s and 50s
  • Sit, stand, and jump without bending over in pain or peeing their pants 

And above all?

Live a healthy pain-free and leak-free life! 

“I need to ask my partner before I spend my money on The Pelvic Floor Playbook”

I totally understand wanting to check in with someone before you make an investment. In fact, I encourage that!

But make sure you’re not: 

(1) Asking for permission – because we both know you deserve to be pain-free and leak-free. No permission needed.
(2) Asking for advice from someone who just doesn’t understand the full extent of what you’re going through. 

You don’t have to ‘just deal’. This isn’t ‘just life’. And if investing in your health will allow you to get back to the life and activities you love… you should go for it.

“What's the difference between The Pelvic Floor Playbook and Core Queens?”

Great question! The Pelvic Floor Playbook is a self-paced course, whereas Core Queens is a live 6-week program.

They’re a little similar in that Core Queens also covers some of the basics I teach inside The Playbook (e.g. breathing techniques and [include other examples]. 

But the main difference is that with Core Queens…you get access to me as your physical therapist/coach! 

You’ll be invited to weekly live group calls where you can get personalised advice from me, have me check your form, correct your posture, and make sure you’re doing exercises correctly so they help heal you (rather than cause more damage). 

If you’re looking for individualized support…

If you have questions you'd like me to answer for you…

If you want guidance along the way…

If you want to be supported by a group of women who are going through a similar experience as you…

Then Core Queens is the program for you.

If you’d prefer to work through this alone and at your own pace, The Pelvic Floor Playbook – as a standalone, self-study course – is the better option.

“What if I have more questions?”

No worries! Just email me at and I’ll be sure to answer all your questions to see if The Pelvic Floor Playbook is the right fit for you. 

One-Time Payment of 
$397 USD

Ready to have a pain-free and leak-free life!


Start with one payment of 
$99 USD 


Followed by 3 Monthly Payments of $155 USD