Feel at home and in control of your body!

You deserve to wake up without achy muscles, a heaviness in your pelvis, or a bossy bladder dictating your every move. 

Ready to relieve your pain, stop embarrassing leaks, and take back control of your life?


🧘 Last an entire Pilates or gym session without an ounce of fear you’ll leak

🤍 Wear COLORFUL leggings with no liner! 

🏋️‍♂️ Go back to lifting weights without keeling over from your lower back pain

👦 Piggyback your grandkids and then jump on the trampoline with them afterwards

🚙 Go on long road trips without back pain or stopping every 20 mins for the bathroom

⚡️ Stop worrying about UTIs symptoms

And ultimately? 

Be pain-free and leak-free!

You'll get

Join 4 LIVE weekly classes taught by Dr. Melissa with over 160 and growing on demand videos covering topics like: pelvic floor strength, back pain, hip mobility, neck tension, gut health, tight pelvic floor, core strength, foot pain, and more.

Get access to mini-workshops, webinars, and a community where you can get support and ask questions along the way! Members get exclusive discounts on programs!

Online Yoga Membership

⭐️ 4 live weekly classes

⭐️ Immediate access to over 160 videos

⭐️ Access to mini-workshops and webinars

⭐️ Growing community to get support and ask questions 

You'll get

It’s time to put you first! Heal your core & pelvic floor to feel STRONG & CONFIDENT in your body. 

4 or 8 week whole body holistic program, customized for what your body is needing to take back control and get back to what you LOVE.

Virtual One on One Sessions

💫 Weekly 60 minute session with Dr. Melissa

💫 Access to email questions in between sessions on exercises and strategies.

💫 Weekly action steps, videos of suggested exercises with cuing, and changes that need to be made throughout daily routines.

💫 Know for certain that you are doing the exercises correctly to get the max benefit…

Work With Dr. Melissa

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"I am now able to move, do activities, & play sports I haven’t been able to do in years! Never thought I could after recovering from 2 hip surgeries."

Kind Words

– Scott

"Melissa is the first person I worked with, who has not only looked at my recovery holistically, but has helped me understand the purpose of certain exercises and routines and how it connects to her long term approach. She has helped me make enormous strides in my recovery through a combination of dry needling, strengthening exercises, yoga practice, and changing my diet."

"I went from fearing every movement to loving my daily yoga routine!"

Kind Words

– Tiffany

"Working with Melissa, has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest, most valuable gifts in my life! She has created a magical light in me, in my body, and in my heart! The work I am doing with Melissa has been transformational for me. I went from not being able to lay on my stomach to doing back bends, being able to carry my son, I feel so much stronger, & with an added bonus of a lifted booty!"

My bladder issues have resolved!!!

Kind Words

– Lindsey

My bladder issues have resolved! I cannot believe it & I am officially hooked! I have been doing the recommended moes and making the adjustments needed. My back is feeling much better & my bladder issues are gone!