Healing Through Movement

Take control back & gain confidence in your body. As a Doctor Of Physical Therapy, I am here to empower & educate you to move better, relieve pain, stop frustrating leaks, and transform your core, so you can get back to the activities you LOVE.

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Give yourself the gift of movement - I can guide you to a place of whole-body health, where you are free to accomplish your goals, play like you used to, and move like you want to without the discomfort of prolapse, incontinence, diastasis recti, and more.

I offer a range of services from postpartum yoga to strong core exercises, corporate wellness programs, and more! My work focuses on supporting women who are looking to regain their strength & heal diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, or lower back pain with a combination of yoga and physical therapy. 

Tap Into Your Core & Pelvic Floor

Stop leaks. Ditch Pain. Build a strong Pelvic Floor.

What if you knew exactly how to relieve pain, prevent injuries, move better, run your best, jump without leaking, and so much more? Learn how to transform your core, ditch pains, & stop leaks. You've tried it all ? Try one more time for a whole body approach. Your time is now and your first step to wellness is here.

Pelvic Floor Playbook 


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Looking to move better, ease stiffness, gain strength, improve your flexibility, sleep better, stress less, and feel your best? Come take a class and see how your body transforms. All levels welcome!

Yoga for Everybody



These tailored sessions through safe in-person or professionally captured virtual meetings – I will tune in to precisely what your body needs to eliminate pain and foster strength. Stop being held back by pain or limitations and start being a movement superstar.  

1 on 1 Sessions


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Steal Her Tips for Easing Neck Pain

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4 Moves To Ditch Pain & Leaks 

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I'm Melissa, Core & Pelvic Floor Expert. 

I help women learn how to move better, listen to their bodies, rewire their systems, and feel strong and confident in their bodies! I'm also a matcha latte aficionado, yoga pants lover, and totally wild about anatomy. 

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“Honestly, working with Melissa was a game changer for me gaining strength, confidence, & vitality. Truly healing movements!”

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Your time is now, and your first step to wellness is here.