Helping those whose life is being turned upside down by aches, pains and embarrassing leaks…regain control of your body and get back to the life you love!

Transforming Your Core & Pelvic Floor Health

Helping those whose life is being turned upside down by aches, pains, and embarrassing leaks…regain control of your body and get back to the life you love! (Without kegels or crunches)

(Yes I’m a PT and had pain on and off for years)

I was going to doctors appointments, stretching, and strengthening all the time and I was so sick of not being taken seriously without real results. I felt like I was going in circles and I knew there had to be a better way...

For years I had nagging hip pain that stopped me from running, sleeping through the night and sitting for long periods

No kegels or crunches involved! 

I no longer have to worry about those leaks that popped up from time to time during exercise classes all by focusing on two key foundations of my core and pelvic floor: my breathing and posture.

So I specialized my PT training into pelvic floor health and that’s when my life (and my clients life) completely transformed.

You deserve to wake up without achy muscles, a heaviness in your pelvis, or a bossy bladder dictating your every move.


Free Pelvic Floor Challenge

Get started with 4 exercises to start building your strong core & pelvic floor to help with: prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic pain, bossy bladders, achy backs & nagging hip pain. No kegels or crunches…promise!

Free 30 Day Yoga Challenge 

An exercise based challenge focusing specifically on the core and pelvic floor. There are so many different parts of your body that connect back to your pelvic floor and core like: sleep, stress, hips, feet, mid back, and more. We are addressing all of those areas throughout the challenge. This challenge was filmed entirely in Costa Rica and we hope you enjoy the background.. 

For those wanting to dive deeper with more guidance and support focusing on skills, strategies, and exercises…

The self-paced program that teaches you the skills, strategies and exercises that strengthen your core and restore your pelvic health...

So you can relieve your pain, stop your embarrassing leaks, and get back to the activities and life you LOVE.

Pelvic Floor Playbook 

A transformative 6 Week Group Program with live sessions with Dr. Melissa so you never have to wonder if you are doing your exercises correctly and which are best for your body.

With weekly customized core and pelvic floor guidance this program will help you relieve your pain and stop you from peeing your pants WITHOUT kegels or crunches.

Core Queens 

No more back pain shortly after starting her videos. I feel stronger both physically & mentally. 


– Jen

"I was struggling with a lot low back pain during my pregnancy. I was nervous to try yoga, but so glad I started and I quickly became addicted to her classes. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable in her classes and shortly after starting my back pain went away & I was feeling stronger both physically and mentally! If you are on the fence, let me just say, you’ve gotta work with Melissa."

Ready to take back control?

You deserve to feel at home and in control of your body!