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Stop being held back by pain, leaking, or limitations. I help individuals move better, stay active, & get back to the activities they LOVE because life is too short to NOT do the things you love! 

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I find the root causes of your concerns, empower you with the tools to understand how your body moves, & enjoying the activities you LOVE. Learn how to rewire your body! 

Coaching for Individuals Who Want to Thrive

READY TO GO FROM aches & pains TO a movement superstar?

What if you knew exactly how to relieve pain, prevent injuries, move better, run your best, jump without leaking, and so much more? Learn how to build a strong core foundation to create optimal performance, get rid of nagging injuries, and create healthy movements...basically move like you were 20 again!

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Get all the hot tips for moving better, find holistic pain relief techniques, get your yoga on with a wide range of flows for every body, & most importantly take some time for YOU!  

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Ready to dive deeper and take a holistic whole body approach to becoming a movement superstar. Let's get you moving like you are 20 again! Stop being held back by pain or limitations. 

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Steal Her Tips for Easing Neck Pain

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4 Moves To Ditch Pain & Leaks 

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I'm Melissa, your new movement guru.

I help individuals learn how to move better, listen to their bodies, rewire their systems, & feel so dang strong & confident at the same time. In addition, I'm a matcha latte aficionado & yoga pants lover!

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“Honestly, working with Melissa was a game changer for me gaining strength, confidence, & vitality. Truly healing movements!”

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