Hi There, I'm Melissa! 

A movement guru determined to help you feel like you were 20 again, yes it is possible! I'm slightly obsessed with anatomy, biomechanics, ergonomics & all things wellness. Basically, I love problem solving to get you moving your best!

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Yoga Instructor, Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and besides labels I cannot get enough chai lattes, chips, or yoga pants!

It's all about balance, right?

I LOVE being active, grew up with an extremely active family (my great grandmother skied into her 80's), and strongly believe that you should be able to enjoy the sports and activities you love without pain or limitations. You no longer have to just deal ,give up x,y, or z, or stop because your too old! My goodness, the number of times I have heard this one, YIKES! 

My superpower is helping individuals ditch their pain to move better, feel better, & play better!

I blend my background in physical therapy (being an expert in how the body moves) and yoga to teach you how to move your body, how to activate those muscles that might have been sleeping for awhile, how to loosen up those super tight areas, and most importantly how to get back to the activities that light you up!

There is no one size fits all and every body is different. Truly listening to your body is what makes the difference: getting enough sleep, managing your stress, fueling with right foods, staying hydrated, and moving how it wants to!


Thinking outside the box, having fun, family time, SELFCARE, and movement is medicine.


Just dealing, giving up, one size fits all, restrictive diets, and slurping sounds while eating. 


Pumping out tips on YouTube, driving around to my amazing clients, soaking up some sun, chilling & netflixing! 

daily rituals

Morning runs & matcha lattes, avo toast, yoga class, dinner with by babe, and getting outside. 

let's work together

If  you're feeling stuck, ready to stop struggling, feeling frustrated, want to get back to x, y or z,  and ready for for a change with results then let's do this!  

did we just become best friends?