Programs & challenges designed for the overwhelmed and frustrated woman ready to heal her body, level up her confidence, and get back to the life & activities she LOVES!

Three 30 minute mini-movement workshops designed to teach you the biggest mistakes you are making with your core, how to correct them, and exercises to get you started building a strong core & pelvic floor. All without crunches & kegels!  

3 Day Core Reset Challenge

60 Minute training session to take back control and learn the missing link to your pelvic floor. Dive into breathing techniques for your pelvic floor, pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation to build your strong core. The pelvic floor class you didn’t know you needed! No kegels or crunches here. 

Beyond Breathing Masterclass 

The self-paced program that teaches you the skills, strategies and exercises that strengthen your core and restore your pelvic health…

…so you can relieve your pain, stop your embarrassing leaks, and get back to the activities and life you LOVE! 

Pelvic Floor Playbook 

For those wanting more support and personalized attention

A transformative 6 Week Group Program with LIVE sessions with Dr. Melissa so you never have to wonder if you are doing your exercises correctly and which are best for your body.

With weekly customized core and pelvic floor guidance this program will help you relieve your pain and stop you from peeing your pants WITHOUT kegels or crunches.

Core Queens