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Active Montgomery County: The Importance Of Daily Stretching For Lifelong Health

Strong core + pelvic floor beyond kegels
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Hey, I'm Dr. Melissa

A doctor of physical therapy, yoga instructor, and integrative nutritional health coach who loves blending all of these to help you move better & feel your best! I'm also totally obsessed with matcha lattes, hot chips, and bright yoga pants.

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Man, getting out of bed can be ROUGH, especially as we are getting older with a crack here, pop there, aches and pains, and even just trying to straighten up in the morning can be a process.

What if there was a simple way to get rid of those cracks and pops and aches and pains? I know it can be hard to find time for ourselves, but all you need is 10 minutes a day to stay active for lifelong health.                                                                                                                                                                                      We tend to focus just on our activity whether that is cardio, lifting, a sport, an exercise classes or even staying active from yard work and we often forget about the S word… STRETCHING!                               

First, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world.

Second, we are often rushing off to the next adulting duty on our agenda and just thankful for the time we had to squeeze in the activity we love. I know this first hand because I used to do this ALL the time! I had limited time to get my run in and would breeze right by warm up and cool down and let me tell you it certainly caught up to me. My hip started hurting, then my foot, and then that rough time getting out of bed started. And you think I would have known better being a physical therapist and yoga instructor (we are the worst at taking our own advice, but great at giving it out).

I finally started taking my own advice and developed a 10 minute routine I do every day, well almost every day, and what a difference it has made! No more aches and pains, cracks or pops, and I can jump right out of bed.

Here’s the skinny why stretching is so Important for Lifelong health:

Increases flexibility & mobility by hydrating your tissues

Increases your range of motion

Improves your body awareness & posture

Can help relief stress & calm your nervous system

Help reduce & prevent aches and pains (like low back or neck pain)

Improve your performance & reduce risk of injury

Now that we covered the WHY, there is the HOW, WHERE, WHAT, & WHEN.

There are so many different types of stretching between static, dynamic, myofascial release (foam rolling), and trigger pointing it can all get a little confusing.

I have found a combination of all makes for the best results and everybody is different with what combination keeps them active for lifelong health.

We are so used to the static stretching and holding, but research has shown that holding stretches before your activity can decrease your performance and can actually increase your risk of injury. Dynamic warm ups are recommended before your activity of choice.

Just give it a try, see how your body feels, and I know firsthand you will want to keep your 10-minute routine up!

Some of my favorite moves to keep you active for lifelong health…(especially if your day job is a desk athlete!):

Seated Cat/Camel

1. Exhale and round shoulders, pull chin to chest then inhale

Active Montgomery County The Importance of Daily Stretching For Lifelong Health

Seated Cat/Camel

1. Inhale and look up and arch low back while pulling shoulder blades down and backCOW.jpg

Standing or Seat Side Stretch

1. Inhale and lengthen up to ceiling and then bend to the side exhaling

2. Inhale pull back up to center then over to the other side Active Montgomery County The Importance of Daily Stretching For Lifelong HealthStanding or Seated Twist

1. Inhale reaching arms over head and then turn to the side

2. Inhale lift arms back overhead and go to the other side Active Montgomery County The Importance of Daily Stretching For Lifelong HealthStanding Chest Stretch

1. Place palm on the wall and turn away

2. Can also do in a doorwayActive Montgomery County The Importance of Daily Stretching For Lifelong HealthRemember everybody is different & you just need to find what works best for your body!

My daily 10-minute routine is keeping me running without those awful rough mornings with all the cracks and pops and aches and pains.  Do you have questions, not sure where to start, having some pain with stretching, or just not sure which will benefit you the most?  If you want a customized 10-minute routine to keep you active and those aches and pains away, email me so we can chat and get you ready for lifelong health! You can also check out my YouTube channel for some quick on the go stretching routines. 

Happy stretching, rolling, & moving!

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