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The 4 Vital Components To Cultivating Whole Health

Strong core + pelvic floor beyond kegels
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Hey, I'm Dr. Melissa

A doctor of physical therapy, yoga instructor, and integrative nutritional health coach who loves blending all of these to help you move better & feel your best! I'm also totally obsessed with matcha lattes, hot chips, and bright yoga pants.

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Does your to do list have you feeling stressed out? Are you constantly on the go wishing for some down time? Are you forever checking things off your what seems to be never ending to do list

√ Breakfast

√ Walk the dog

√ Take the trash out

√ Work…work…work

√ Grocery shopping

√ Pick kiddos up

√ Cook dinner

Check…check…and check then REPEAT! Sound familiar?

When is the last time you √ your SELF-CARE box? When is the last time you did something for you whether that be a cooking class, a night out with the girls at your local winery, enjoying an invigorating facial, a flowing yoga class, or just getting outside? Feel like you have absolutely no time on your already jammed packed to do list? Self-care doesn’t have to take long. There are 4 key components to consider when checking your self-care box that can easily be woven throughout your day.                                                    You DESERVE to start feeling your best self & here is how with just 5 minutes a day!                                                                               

Start Incorporate these 4 Vital Components into your daily routine & notice how you start living your best life!   


Why? For body awareness, movement, & mindfulness! With movement our feel good hormones start flowing. Our bodies crave movement, we feel energized, more focused, ready to tackle our day after movement. The mindful piece of yoga comes into play to help us reduce our stress. The “C” word, cortisol, increases when we are stressed and intern messes with our sleep, digestion, focus, energy levels, and many other systems.


What we eat fuels us! Think about what you are fueling your tank with? See if you can remember how you felt after eating certain foods? Try sourcing local, seasonal, organic foods when possible (farmers markets are an awesome place to start for affordable healthy eats). If reaching for something processed, flip it over, and check out the label. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients reach for something else.  Start tracking how you feel to test it out.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

SELF-CARE? Yes please, more self-care. What brings you joy…sitting down for 5 minutes sipping on matcha latte, taking a relaxing bath, watching your kids play, a spa day, going for a hike, stepping outside for a quick walk? Pick 1 thing that brings you joy & add it to your to do list!

Physical Therapy/Movement

Our mechanics, our nervous system, and our brain all play a role in our movements. Tuning into how our body’s work is an invaluable tool for you to keep moving, living your best life, and doing the activities you LOVE.

 “ You deserve to be out there living your best life; feeling your happiest healthies self.”Melissa Oleson physical therapy montgomery county yoga.jpeg

Pick something from your SELF-CARE must have box and start implementing it into your daily routine. It does not have to take a ton of time nor does it have to be another chore on your to do list. You are investing in yourself! Start with 5 minutes! 5 minutes a day that are just for you! It could be 5 minutes of breathing or 5 minutes of moving or 5 minutes of enjoying your coffee or tea outside. Your 5 minutes every day will create this habit that will leave you craving more! Keep checking your self-care box with these 4 vital components and you are well on your way to cultivating your whole health and living your best life!

Get to it with just 5 minutes a day to cultivating your whole health! You DESERVE it!

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Still not sure where to start or have questions on how to incorporate the vital components into your daily routine?

If you want a customized easy to follow routine to get you to feeling your healthiest happiest self, email me so we can chat and get you on your whole health wellness journey.

You can also check out my Youtube channel filled with short mindful yoga flows that will help you start checking your self-box!


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