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3 Ways to Solve Neck and Shoulder Pain while at Work

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It’s almost lunch time, you’ve been at it all morning scrolling away at your computer, and you just cannot shake that neck pain or shoulder tension that has been lingering in the background. You are trying to ignore it, hoping that tension will just go away, but it’s NOT! There are 3 simple things that you can start implementing RIGHT NOW throughout your work day that will make a world of difference for how your body is feeling!                                                                                                                                                   

You’re diligently working away, focused on your project or deadline that you have, and your head slowly continues to creep forward, your back is rounding, and before you know it your face is right in front of your screen. Totally guilty of this one myself!                                                                                                           So what’s the big Deal?                                                                       The slow forward head creep can place increased stress on your neck and the rest of your body. The average human head weighs about 10-12 pounds. Now imagine, the increased stress that places on your neck as you are looking down at your phone and your computer all day long. It’s no wonder those aches and pains are hanging around.                                                                                                                     

Your posture is a big contributor to various pains and stiffness you might have, however there is no such thing as having the ideal “perfect posture.” It’s more about the length of time you are spending in one particular position. There are a number of things that you can do throughout your day to help combat thisneck and shoulder pain relief online physical therapist work from home.png3 tips to avoid neck and shoulder pain while at work:                        1.      Keep your monitor at eye level & yes, that even means your phone                 

Did you know the average American spends about 4 hours per day on their phone? That is a lot of looking down! The more you look down, the more increased stress you put on your neck! You can raise your monitor, place books/boxes underneath, hold your device up or even purchase laptop stand.   

2.      Make sure when you are typing to keep your wrists in a neutral position   

This means that before you start typing your wrists should be slightly bent forward so that when you start to type your wrists are in a neutral position. You can use a wrist pad, rolled up hand towel, or even small paper towel roll. This will also help with elbow and wrist pain as well as carpal tunnel!   

3. Give yourself breaks & change positions frequently   

Even if you do not think you have 1-2 minutes to stand up, take a deep breath, step outside, you DO! And I guarantee your body will thank you for it afterwards! Change it up: sit a little then stand a little then sit a little more. If you don’t have a standing desk you can place boxes or books under your computer or screens to elevate them.  

Want more tips?Remember, changing positions frequently can make all the difference, even if it is just shifting in your chair. So, be on the look out for that forward head creep, keep your body moving, and avoid looking down for long periods of time, and you’ll watch those aches and pains melt away! Which one are you going to get started with today?

Have more questions about setting up a healthy home-office environment? Get started now learning how to set up a healthy home office environment and stretches to incorporate  your day to melt those aches and pains away with this free 30 minute webinar

Still have more questions? Email me! I am happy to help!  Want some mid-day stretches to do at your desk?  Check out my 8 minute Yoga for the Desk Athlete Routine or maybe 3 Minutes of Mindfulness & Managing your Stress

Happy Healthy Home-Office!

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