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3 Simple Tips for Living Stress Free

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Hey, I'm Dr. Melissa

A doctor of physical therapy, yoga instructor, and integrative nutritional health coach who loves blending all of these to help you move better & feel your best! I'm also totally obsessed with matcha lattes, hot chips, and bright yoga pants.

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So, are your tired of feeling
stressed out, exhausted, drained, and anxious? I’ve gotcha covered! Stress is everywhere and unavoidable, especially in our hectic daily lives and even more so with such uncertain times. Being in a constant state of stress can create a number of health problems such as anxiety, depression, fear, chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, and even digestive issues. However, we can actually use stress to our advantage. It’s all about learning how to take back control over our stress…how to manage it!                                                                                                                                                                               I am sure you are asking how can I possibly do this and that you definitely do not need another thing to add to your to do list. Am I right? Well, I am here to tell you from my first-hand experience that MINDFULNESS is a tool that will help you take back control and manage your stress!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I used to have every single moment of my day jammed packed between going to the gym (because I just had to run), getting to my 9-5 trying to avoid traffic, paying bills, doing the laundry, what the heck to eat, & even planning bathroom breaks! Something needed to change as I could not keep operating like this for my health’s shake. I began incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine. And WOW, I am obsessed! It’s helped me create more clarity in my wants and needs, be way more productive, taught me to slow down, be more present, and take back control!                                                                                                              3 simple stress reducing activities I added to my daily routine with Big results

gentle breaths breathing techniques how to breath stress relief.png1. Breathing                                                                                            I know, you are probably thinking you already do this, it happens naturally, however mastering this is my absolute #1 go to for managing stress. You only need 60 seconds to calm your nerves & gain control. With stress, we tend to either breath hold or breathe with our chests using muscles that are not meant to help with breathing and, then, in comes neck pain. Try placing a hand one your stomach and one hand on your chest. The hand on your chest stays still while the hand on your stomach moves in and out. It’s a gentle breath breathing out into your rib cage verses up into your chest. Add some counting with your breathing and you are well on your way! To dive deeper into breathing here is a quick video with more breathing techniques for stress relief.                                                                                                                               2. Make Movement a Regular Thing!                                                  Find an activity that is fun and brings you enjoyment so you will be excited to do verses pushing it off! Get started with this quick zen out Yoga for Stress Relief Class. It could be walking, biking, yoga, swimming, dancing, anything at all to move your body. Need some ideas on how to move your body that can even help with various aches and pains? Click here Movement helps release endorphins; those feel good hormones that help super charge your body. It also brings blood flow to the part of your brain most affected by stress, the hippocampus, which is responsible for emotions and cognitive function.

3. Get outside

Fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D) can have a massive immediate impact on how we are feeling. Even if you think you do not have time, I challenge you to step outside for 5-10 minutes and watch how you feel like a different person. I promise you every minute outside will pay off and then some. You will feel energized, refreshed, have clearer focus, and ready to conquer the rest of your day.


So, there you have it, 3 super simple easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine for stress free living. Which one are you going to start with? Come get your yoga of with this stress squashing yoga class! You’ll be calm, centered, & energized in 15 minutes!                                                                            Click here for 3 easy tips for stress free living!                                                                                                    Have questions or comments? Email   

Happy Mindfulness & Stress-Free Living!

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