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4 Tips for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

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Do you have nagging neck and shoulder pain, notice neck & shoulder tension creeping in throughout your day, or have neck stiffness that just won’t go away? You are not alone and there are super simple habits you can start implementing into your daily routine to kick that tension to the curb!

Make sure to check out tip number 4, I know you will be surprised by this one! Let’s get to it!

1. Breathing

Yes, working on your breath will help reduce tension in your neck. When we are overwhelmed, stressed, or having pain we tend to hold our breath or even worse breathe into our chest. Give it a try! Stop & take a deep breath in. What happened? What did you notice? Did you breathe into your chest with your shoulders creeping up toward your ears? When that happens we are using our neck and shoulders muscles to help lift our rib cage verses uses our diaphragm. Instead try taking a gentle 360 degree breath in, breathing out into the sides and back of your rib cage. This will immediately lessen the tension in your neck and shoulders. Major win!

2. Movement is key

Just move! Our bodies are meant to move, so pick any activity you like! Maybe dance it out or get your yoga on, go for a gentle walk, or just stand and reach for the stars! Here are some neck & shoulder movements to help relieve pain.

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3. Stress Management

When we are overwhelmed and stressed, we tend to hold it in our neck and shoulders. Breathing helps with this one too! Try to think of softening your shoulders. It’s amazing how much we can hold and not even notice. I know I catch myself doing this! 6 simple stress relieving habits

4. Stop pulling your shoulders down & back

I am sure you have been told to do this at some point in your life and are probably wondering why on earth you should stop?!? Well, because it just adds to more tightness, holding, and puts your diaphragm in an inefficient position to work properly. This then makes your neck and shoulder muscles work harder to help lift your rib cage up. Give it a try! Pull your shoulders down and back. What do you notice? Possibly some holding, creating more tension, and maybe even holding that breath. You also might notice that you are leaning backwards or your shoulders are leaning past your pelvis. This can cause flaring of your ribs and put your diaphragm at a disadvantage. When your ribs flare upward you then use those neck and shoulder muscles to help lift your rib cage when breathing leading to more……..TENSION. Click here for more posture tips and a visual of this!

These 4 tips will help with easing neck and shoulder pain immediately when added into your routine. Consistency is key! Want more on this topic check out how to relieve neck and shoulder aches.

Want more ways to ease neck & shoulder tension? Heck Yes!

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Happy Neck & Shoulders!

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