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4 Secrets to Strengthen Your Back | Goodbye Back Pain!

August 10, 2020

Either you have yourself or you know someone that has struggled with back pain and, if you have, like I have, you know it’s no joke.

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Either you have yourself or you know someone that has struggled with back pain and, if you have, like I have, you know it’s no joke and can really have you on the sidelines. Good news, there are so many amazing tools to help with back pain relief: breathing (yes working on this has a massive immediate impact), your posture, and movement! We are going over my top 4 core exercises to keep that back pain away for good! Give these a try so you can get off those sidelines and get back to your activities without PAIN!

Before jumping right into the lower ab workout, it is super important to pay attention to your breathing. Breathing is the missing link I see with almost all of my clients! Make sure you do not hold your breath or brace with your abs. Your lower abdominals and pelvic floor muscles activate automatically when you are exhaling or at least they are suppose to (they

need a little reminder sometimes). So cool right, you can work on your core just by breathing! Major win! The other must is to make sure your stomach is not pushing out or doming while working on your core because this disrupts how effectively you can use those muscles.

Alright, let’s do this- abs workout!

Lower Abdominal

Bring your arms straight up to the ceiling (with or without a weight)

No tucking those hips underneath, neutral spine.

On your exhale slowly bring your arms overhead as long as it feels comfortable.

Inhale bring arms back to center.

You want to feel that lower ab kick right on. If not, try exhaling like you’re breathing out through a straw, not a forceful exhale, just gentle and slow.

Lower Abdominal Progression

Bring arms straight up to the ceiling (with or without a weight).

Keep slight curve in low back-no tucking.

On your exhale bring the weight and 1 knee in towards your chest.

Make sure stomach is not pushing out and your are feeling it in lower core. Alternate from side to side.
core exercises for low back pain abs workout exercises for back pain.png

Side Plank

Knees, hips, and shoulders in line.

Drive your hips to the sky.

Extend arm and leg over head on exhale.

Inhale lower.

Bridging with Lats

Keep neutral spine- no tucking, laying on your back.

Grab band overhead.

On your exhale press into your feet, lift glutes, and pull band down.

Equal weights on both feet and make sure you feel those glutes.

Click here to see how!

Keep at it, consistency is key! My free 5 minute strong core and pelvic floor challenge will help you continue on this strengthening journey! And no, it’s not just more kegels check it out for fast results!

Still struggling or not sure if you have the breathing or alignment right for the exercises lets chat free 15 minute discovery call!