Strong Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises Beyond Just Kegels

August 1, 2020

You are plugging away getting those kegels in, but haven’t really noticed any change.

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Strong Core + Pelvic Floor Beyond Kegels
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You are plugging away getting those kegels in, but haven’t really noticed any change or maybe your symptoms have gotten worse! I hear this all the time and know you are not alone. Leaking while coughing, sneezing, running, or jumping is incredibly frustrating and then top that with nagging hip or low back pain that you think you just have to deal with! You do NOT have to just deal and no the answer is not do more kegels. We are going to go way beyond just kegels to restore your core and pelvic floor.

Are you ready for a strong core + pelvic floor? Let’s do this! Give my 5 minute pelvic floor challenge a try and notice a difference in just 5 days!

Strong Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Alignment is key to making sure your pelvic floor is firing up properly!

You want to make sure that you are not tucking or clenching your glutes/butt all day long. This can lead to weak pelvic floor muscles especially the front part of your pelvic floor, which is the part of the pelvic floor muscles we need to stop leaking and lift prolapse. Making sure you have a neutral spine with all exercises is a MUST to properly activate your pelvic floor, posture plays a big role in our core.

Use your diaphragm (your breathing muscle)

Your diaphragm is so so so important to making sure you have a strong core and pelvic floor. When you inhale your diaphragm expands and pushes down on your pelvic floor and this is a good thing. On your exhale your diaphragm contracts, lifts up, and creates tension on your pelvic floor and low abdominals (transverse abdominus). This is how your core and pelvic floor work automatically, yes without you even having to think about it! Practice your breathing and making sure you feel your pelvic floor muscles with your breath and you are well on your way! Remember to continue your breath with your exercises!

Give it a try! Laying down (make sure those glutes are not clenched), place your hands on the bottom of your rib cage, and take a breath in. See where the air is going. Try to keep it out of your chest and breathe out into the sides and back of your rib cage. Do both sides move evenly? Is it difficult to keep the air out of your chest?

Keep your breathing and alignment in mind and lets give these exercises a try!

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Bridge with adductor squeeze

Place a pillow or block between your knees

Keep neck and shoulders relaxed

On your exhale lift your hips and gentle squeeze on block (not tucking your pelvic under)

Check into see what muscles are firing and where you feel it

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Table Top & Rotation

Keep that neutral spine

On your exhale make sure you slowly lower back into table top position both hands on the ground &1 leg lifted

Move in and out of positions feeling lower abdominals and pelvic floor with your exhale

Glutes will start to fire up as well

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Side plank (more advanced, such a good one)

Here is another hip rotational exercises, which is another key to building a strong core and pelvic floor.

Make sure you feel the connection with your breath and pelvic floor activation before giving this one a try.

On your exhale press your hips up and rotate both hip and arm out to the side

Check out Yoga for Pelvic Health for cuing with form & to see how this exercise is done.

Remember your breathing and alignment first, next tap into how your body is moving & what muscles are firing, and then start building your strong core + pelvic floor. Say goodbye hip, low back, and SI joint pain and become sneeze, cough, run, jump worry free all while feeling strong and confident!

Join my free 5 Minute Core + Pelvic Floor Challenge

If you are still struggling, want to dive deeper, or ready for those aches, pains, and leaks to go away for good join Rewire Your Core & Pelvic Floor!

*Just a little side note: These exercises are great if struggling with mild sneeze or cough or run or jump pee, but if you are dealing with prolapse these might be a little more advanced for your starting point. However, you will still gain valuable information even though they might be a little advanced.

Happy Strong Core & Pelvic Floor!