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How To Stop Leaking When You Run

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If you’re wondering how to stop leaking when you run, you’re not alone! So don’t be embarrassed – this is a very common condition, especially for you postpartum runners. Thankfully, making simple adjustments and strengthening your core can really help with incontinence when running. 

The best way to stop leaking when you run is to improve your posture so you can use your core and glutes more efficiently. Doing so will also help you reduce the stress on your system, which can help prevent leaking. 

Keep reading to understand how posture affects incontinence while you run, plus exercises you can do to make leaking much less likely. 

Incontinence When Running

Peeing a little while you run can be frustrating and embarrassing. Maybe worse, it can make you want to stop running altogether. I’m here to tell you not to give up! We can help you get your incontinence while running under control. 

Leaking while running is a form of stress urinary incontinence, which is caused by some type of pelvic floor dysfunction. That’s why postpartum incontinence running affects many new mams. 

So yes, strengthening the pelvic floor can help – see 5 great pelvic floor exercises here (bonus: no crunches!). 

But ultimately, incontinence isn’t just about one weak muscle. It’s about how we’re using our whole core system, and how much stress we’re putting on it. 

That’s why the best way to stop leaking when you run is to improve your posture, which can help you use both your core and glutes more efficiently, while also reducing stress on your entire system. 

I’ve covered how yoga can help the pelvic floor in more detail here. 

Using Posture To Stop Incontinence When Running

When my clients are experiencing leaking while running, the first thing we focus on is posture. Like we’ve covered, so much of stress incontinence has to do with posture, and working on your posture can make a big difference right away. 

Specifically, people tend to make 3 postural mistakes when running that contribute to leaking:

1. Flared Rib Cage

When your rib cage is flared, you’re gripping your upper abs, which can prevent you from using your whole core system efficiently. It can also exacerbate hip or back pain and stitches. 

2. Leaning Back

So many runners lean their shoulders back while running. Not only does this tuck your glutes underneath, making it harder to use them efficiently, it also makes it so that when you land your feet, they’re far away from your center of gravity, which puts more stress and load on your system, leading to leaking. 

On the other hand, when you lean forward from your ankles, you can use your glutes better and land your feet more under your center of gravity.

3. Looking Too Far Up Or Down

Where you tend to focus your gaze plays a big role in your posture. That’s why you should try to keep your gaze at a 45-degree angle while running. 

Of course, reading about posture is one thing – understanding how to put this all together in your body is a little different. Watch the video below to get a better of understanding of what these different postures and corrections look like. 

Exercises To Stop Leaking When You Run

Beyond working on your posture, watch this video to see three specific exercises you can do every day to help you stop leaking when you run. 

You may also find my video on tips to stop peeing when you jump rope helpful, too. 

Remember, as with everything with the body, consistency is key. You can stop leaking, and you will get better over time. So promise me you won’t stop running or doing the activities you love! 

I also strongly encourage you to check out my free 5 Minute Pelvic Floor and Core Challenge, which can help you see a real difference in just 5 minutes a day. Namaste. 

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